Summer Safety | Stay Hydrated | Stay Safe

Dear All,

 As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure safe operations during summer, we are launching our 2023 Heat Stress Management Campaign this week. The primary objective of this initiative is to raise awareness among our employees regarding the importance of planning ahead to prevent heat-related illnesses during inclement weather.

The responsibility for rolling out this campaign and conducting regular site audits to assess its effectiveness rests with our line management and HSE Leads.

To facilitate the campaign, posters and banners are available at Ghala central store and presentation slides are attached herewith. Please coordinate with the store Manager to ensure prompt delivery of these materials to your respective locations.

 Display the posters and banners at conspicuous locations  and use the slides to enhance awareness of workforce about the dangers of heat stress, associated risks and best practices to be adhered with. To support our workforce, site leadership teams must provide sufficient rest shelters, regularly remind employees to hydrate at regular intervals, and ensure emergency response services are prepared by conducting regular mock drills. Additionally, Site HSE Leads are expected to compile rollout evidence and share it with us for records.

During the hottest months of this summer, it is imperative that we effectively communicate this message to all our teams. Let us also ensure strict compliance with the applicable legal summer mid-day break rule, which prohibits any work under direct sunlight during the specified times mandated by local bodies and government regulations.

 The success of this program relies on meticulous planning and the whole-hearted participation of each individual. Let’s work together to make this campaign a resounding success.

 Best wishes for a safe summer!

TTI & STS Team